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Clients Keep The Lights On! – Get To Know Your Clients.

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July 16, 2021

Over and again I read articles about ways law firms can respond to bad reviews published about their firm.  Yes, there are ways to respond, but it is tricky.  Firms have to be careful about client confidentiality.  So what do you do?  Ignore the comments?

We suggest getting ahead of the game.  In his blog, Cordell Parvin says exactly what we believe, and research suggests, will help avoid these bad review pitfalls.  He says, “Clients cannot always recognize great legal work, but, they can always recognize a lawyer and law firm who cares about them and makes every effort to provide exceptional client service.”

Think about it this way:  When you visit your doctor or dentist, how does it make you feel when they recognize your face and call you by name without looking at your chart?  For me, it adds a feeling of trust they are going to take good care of me.  This same level of trust applies to attorneys who provide a service to their clients.

So, what are we suggesting?  Get to know your clients.  Find common ground – not about the case/matter you are handling, but on a personal level.

When I was a legal recruiter, both of my kids were still at home.  For me, it was easy to find a common ground with my clients – our kids.  I made it a point to ask how my client’s family was doing, what was new with the kids.  I had a genuine interest in my clients and I loved that part of my job.

Your common ground can be golf, or tennis, or football, or baseball, or pets.  Whatever it is, FIND IT.  This will build your clients’ trust in you, your practice, and your firm.  I know from experience it will play a significant part in your success.  AND, it’ll help you gain good reviews, and save you from those you do not want.

Remember, clients keep the lights on.  So, get to know them.



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